Airline Data All Over the World

Data Lengkap MASKAPAI / AIRLINE Seluruh Dunia dan nama aliasnya"/>

No Name Alias Iata Icao Callsign Country Active
101 All America AR All America Argentina 2R M7A Argentina Y
102 Real Tonga RT Tonga Y
103 International AirLink I4 Jamaica Y
104 Thai Smile Airways THAI Smile WE THAI SMILE Thailand Y
105 All Argentina Express All Argentina Express Z0 Z9H Argentina Y
106 Island Express Air 1X Abby Air Canada Y
107 Fly Jamaica Airways FJM Greenheart Jamaica Y
108 Jet Suite RSP Red Stripe United States Y
109 Vuola Italia Vuola Italia 4S VI4 Italy Y
110 Dense Connection KZ DC2 DC2 United States Y
111 Dense Airways KP DWA DENSE United States Y
112 Spring Airlines Japan IJ SJO Japan Y
113 FTI Fluggesellschaft FTI Germany N
114 FlyPortugal PO FPT FlyPortugal Portugal Y
115 Fly Europa ER RWW Spain Y
116 All Australia All Australia 88 8K8 Australia Y
117 Vuela Cuba Vuela Cuba 6C 6CC Cuba Y
118 Regionalia Chile Regionalia Chile 9J CR1 Chile Y
119 Regionalia Venezuela Regionalia Venezuela 9X 9XX Venezuela Y
120 Regionalia Uruguay Regionalia Uruguay 2X 2K2 Uruguay Y
121 All Colombia All Colombia 7O 7KK Colombia Y
122 Voestar Voestar Brasil 8K K88 Brazil Y
123 British Air Ferries ?? ??! United Kingdom N
124 Regional Air Iceland Regional Air Iceland 9N N78 Iceland Y
125 All Spain All Spain N7 N77 Spain Y
126 All Europe All Europe N9 N99 United Kingdom Y
127 Regionalia México Regionalia México N4 J88 Mexico Y
128 All Africa All Africa 9A 99F South Africa Y
129 All Asia All Asia L9 AL3 China Y
130 All America All America A2 AL2 United States Y
131 All Argentina All Argentina L1 AL1 Argentina Y
132 Go2Sky RLX RELAX Slovakia Y
133 Grand Cru Airlines GCA Lithuania Y
134 Spike Airlines Aero Spike S0 SAL Spike Air United States Y
135 Dobrolet Добролёт QD DOB DOBROLET Russia Y
136 Transilvania TNS Romania Y
137 Rainbow Air US Rainbow Air US RM RNY Rainbow Air United States Y
138 Rainbow Air Euro Rainbow Air EU RU RUE Rainbow Air United Kingdom Y
139 Rainbow Air Polynesia Rainbow Air POL RX RPO Rainbow Air United States Y
140 Rainbow Air Canada Rainbow Air CAN RY RAY Rainbow CAN Canada Y
141 Rainbow Air (RAI) Rainbow Air (RAI) RN RAB Rainbow United States Y
143 Envoy Air ENY Envoy United States Y
144 Air Lituanica Air Lituanica LT LTU LITUANICA Lithuania Y
145 Skyline Ulasim Ticaret A.S. Skyline Ulasim Ticaret A. KCU Kocoglu Turkey Y
146 Air Serbia JU ASL AIR SERBIA Serbia Y
147 Avilu Avilu' SA .. ... Switzerland Y
148 Yeti Airlines NYT Nepal Y
149 Malawian Airlines 3W Malawi Y
150 Vintage Props and Jets VPP VINTAGE United States N